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Posted By: Jackie Published: 20/02/2016 Times Read: 598 Comments: 2

I've finally taken the tender steps into the world of blogging, forgive me if I end up babbling in my first one...

I opened my Little You shop online, not only because I love giving gifts to children...who doesn't right? but also to try and give them something different and unique. 

Going down the route of giving something personalised, I thought...was always going to always make it that bit more special for whoever receives it, so I hope that's what I achieve through my products.

I don't remember ever being given a gift for Christmas and Birthday's when I was young, which had my name on....although of course they were treasured all the same....but it would of been wonderful.  So I'm pleased I can provide that to other children out there.    

I hope you find something you like in my shop and please feel free to contact me or leave a reply and say Hi while you're here.

Thank you 

Jackie x 








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